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Initial Public Offering

In preparation for IPO, we supervise our clients to improve their accounting treatments and internal control systems to be qualified as public companies.

Preliminary review

Upon IPO, it is necessary to adjust internal codes and standards as well as to design an internal control structure to be qualified as public companies.
Firstly, we conduct a preliminary review to understand the current situation, identify possible obstacles that may hinder the IPO, and submit a report detailing items which should be improved.

Supervising and assisting the preparation for application forms

IPO Application Documents consist of Part I, which is basically the same as the financial statement report, and Part II, the description of the company’s business and other items. ?Preparations of these documents are very important in IPO process, because screening process of securities companies and securities exchanges is based on these application documents. In order to prepare Part II efficiently, which is especially time-consuming, close coordination among inter-departments and subsidiaries is necessary.

Our Certified Public Accountants with extensive experience in IPO preparation supervise our clients to organize information in order to efficiently prepare the application documents, and assist to design a structure which enables to update the application documents.

Assisting in planning optimum capital structure

Optimum capital structure planning includes financing before and after IPO, maintaining long-term shareholders and incentive plans: it can be the lifeline of your company.

Our Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Tax Accountants assist our clients to develop an optimum capital structure fitting with their future. ?We highly recommend our review service for your optimum capital structure planning, even if you already have one designed by venture capitals or securities companies.

Assisting in formulation of business plans

A business plan is a significant guideline objectively showing the future image that a company is aiming for, and it is also the base of its optimum capital structure planning. ?The Company utilizes the business plan as an effective management tool by making monthly comparisons between the plan and the actual performance, reflecting the analysis results to the business plan, and continually updating it. Also, the business plan is one of the most significant screening items upon IPO applications, and its accuracy must be at a level that can be disclosed after listing.

We assist our clients in designing a highly accurate business plan, and prompt adjustment system for managerial activities.

Assisting in designing and operating internal controls