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Message from Our President

For a company to maintain long-term and sustainable growth, it must maximize its corporate value while enhancing the satisfaction of its stakeholders such as shareholders, customers and employees. And, the company must strive to outperform to its competitors to sustain its competitiveness in this rapidly changing business environment.

To this end, it is crucial for every company to clarify its business process, and to “continually improve” Compliance, Corporate Governance, Internal Controls, and Administrative Management. Moreover, as its business glows, a company must promptly address a wide array of issues that require specialized knowledge such as Organizational Restructuring, M&A strategies, Advancing Overseas, International Taxation, System Investment, IPO and Business Succession.

Our in-house specialists consist of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Public Tax Accountants, and Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultants. And we have alliance partners such as lawyers and judicial scriveners.

We harmonize our expert knowledge and extensive experience to offer a comprehensive one-stop service for each client.We are committed to collaborate with clients to solve their issues by applying best practice advices.

We are truly appreciated to be your strategic partner. We are looking forward to working with you.

Nobuyuki Sano